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WORLDBIGLOVE Top Bar Advertisement Booking


Piggy back on our page ranking and targeted link redirects to improve your website hits.  Advertise in BigLove top bar(s) with a rectangular image sized up to 468 x 175 pixels

PLAN - Single Page

One Month - USD 10.00
Six Months - USD 45.00
Twelve Months - USD 75.00

PLAN - All Pages of Same Category (Example - All Pages with musical instruments where single page advertisements are not already taken.  When single page advertisements periods are over, those spaces will be automatically filled with your advertisement for the remaining days of current plan plus days lost, exhibiting the other seller's single page advertisement).

 One Month - USD 49.95
Six Months - USD 224.99
Twelve Months - USD 399.95


Try our service for a month and see immediate results.

Make a secure payment using the buttons to transfer to Paypal. 

Then e-mail us the following -
The page url for your advertisement.     Example:   or  all pages under musical instruments +
the url for your image (or attach the jpg / png / gif file) +
the link from the image (your website) at

 world big love  We will host the image on our fast servers.

Terms Simple.  We host your image and will test the link periodically and regularly, to determine that the site pointed to is for a legitimate business and all links in that site point to legitimate business.  Your image will be removed from all pages without notice and without a refund if your advertisement is seen to point to unsuitable sites.  As a thumb-rule, if your advertised site cannot be viewed by all audiences, do not advertise here.